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If you need one artist or a few, DamonArts™ Event Caricatures is the perfect way to provide beautiful, funny, and professional-grade artwork for your next event!

Beautifully funny, quick, and accurate caricatures for any event by highly-acclaimed artist Damon Renthrope. With 20+ years experience, Damon captures a complete likeness with a huge amount of fun, in a small amount of time. Completing each drawing in 2-5 minutes, Damon offers each guest if they'd prefer a "cute" or a "funny", and each guest is presented with a professional piece of art, worth framing. 

Damon has been into art for as far as he could remember, going all the way back to a scribbling 3-year-old. In '98, fascinated by a caricaturist at a Planet Hollywood, he jumped into caricature art full swing, and ever since. He's influenced by caricature giants such as Al Hirschfeld, Sebastian Kruger, Bill Waterson, and pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Studying at SDSU, SDCC, and SDMC, his formal fine art and graphic design training offers a keen insight to exactly what it takes to create a streamlined piece of art that people would love.

Since then, he's enjoyed the patronage of such names as MTV, Sony Studios, Google, Apple, Playstation, Disney, Toyota, Nascar, Paramount Studios, Red Bull, Tiger Woods, and too many others to list. In addition, he is a published children's book illustrator, Oil painting artist, muralist, the Top Artist of the Jeju World Artist Project, and winner of multiple awards from the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA), including Silver, for Caricature Artist of the Year.

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